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(actually gab)


Welcome to my personal website. Links to my social media accounts are below, along with direct links to my books and some of the podcasts you can find me on.

I'm an independent researcher and author who currently lives in Canada. I enjoy doing podcasts, TikTok videos, and YouTube lectures to explain my views.

  • 140+ ratings on my book (4.6/5).

  • 215,000+ followers on TikTok.

  • Millions of likes on social media.

  • Favorite return guest on some of the best podcasts in the world.

  • Informative viral content creator.

My real name is Terry Wolfe. 'Wolfpox' is an online handle from my teen years when I was just a diehard Metal Gear Solid fan with a lot of theories. I created a fan site for it in 2008 and have been analyzing pop culture and conspiracies ever since.

180 pages

only $13.20!

If you believe

the Bible and its prophecies

are true, does that also mean you have to deny that it has any errors or paradoxes in its books? Do you have to believe the ancient Hebrew is sacred, unchanged, and divinely inspired in every

jot and tittle?



The Paradox

of Fundamentalism

is the first book in a new series called God's Fault, which reflects on the controversial ways God has guided Creation from the start.

We begin with the Bible itself, and those who defend it most passionately: the


Frozen River

TNT Radio - Hrvoje Moric

Veteran geopolitical analyst Hrvoje Morić has operated Geopolitics & Empire for decades and now hosts a popular daily show on TNT Radio. I've been privileged to be a weekly guest on his show for months and dig into pretty much all the big stories.

William Ramsey Investigates

William Ramsey is a popular independent investigator with a top ranking podcast, covering politics and parapolitics, true crime, history, conspiracies, religion, cults, exposing the occult, and more. I was fortunate enough to be on William's show multiple times and was counted one of his most popular guests.

Download and read PDF essays.

Jesuit Invention of
The Protocols of Zion:
A Hypothesis

Agency & Inevitability

Personality Types and The Trinity

Apostle John and Prophet Ezekiel as the Two Witnesses

Covenants and their Conditions

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